Products: Boyne Valley Varietal Honey

Boyne Valley Honey, Ireland's favourite brand of honey has specially selected a range of varietal honeys from around the world just for you.

Boyne Valley Organic Acacia Honey

Organic beekeepers sustain the natural life cycle of bees by safeguarding their natural habitat and nourishing them as nature intended. Hives are positioned amongst acacia plants and the bees collect nectar predominantly from this plant. The acacia nectar is converted to acacia honey in the hive. Our Acacia Honey has a deliciously mellow taste with hints of 'vanilla'.

Boyne Valley Wildflower Honey

A buttery honey with hints of toffee and raisin, Wildflower honey is harvested from hives which are situated near wildflower meadows when in blossom. Delicious brushed over salmon before baking it or used to glaze roast vegetables and potatoes.

Our Range Includes:

  • Boyne Valley Organic Acacia Honey 350g
  • Boyne Valley Wildflower Honey 350g