Products: Boyne Valley Honey

 Boyne Valley runny honey is a rich, dark golden honey. 100% pure and natural, this *floral honey has a lovely warm flavour, and just one spoon brings back memories of delicious sticky honey sandwiches.

Available in glass jars – for traditionalists who like to stick their spoon straight into the jar; and in ‘no mess’ squeezy bottle.

*What is floral honey?
Floral honey is collected from hives where the bees have foraged nectar from a wide range of flowers. 

Our Range Includes:

  • Boyne Valley 12oz Honey, 1lb Honey, 2lb honey
  • Boyne Valley 340g Squeezy Honey
  • Boyne Valley 500g Squeezy Honey
  • Boyne Valley Honey in a Whisky Tumbler
  • Boyne Valley Creamed Honey